Integrated Online Marketing for your Early Learning Centre

25 Questions every Early Learning Service Manager and Child Care Business Manager should ask their Marketing Manager or Agency:

After many years of experience in successful marketing for Early Learning Centres, using our Google and Facebook Partner training, a number of important questions typically always get asked by Early Learning Centre Educators and Managers.

If you are in Childcare and Daycare management  or own a Childcare and Daycare  business 
– we would welcome your feedback on these questions.

Question 1:


Online Presence

What online presence do you need – Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google my Business, Directories?

Question 2:


Review Sites

What review sites should you focus on and how should you manage reviews and responses?

Question 3:


Google Position:

What content and position on Google Search Results should you focus on – how do you beat your competitors?

Question 4:


Target Audience:

How do you identify and contact all the parents with preschoolers close to your centre?

Question 5:


Social Media Strategy:

How do you craft a smart social media strategy that is both effective and honours your brand?

Question 6:


Demographic Targeting:

What age, parental status, income levels and language groups should your advertising target?

Question 7:


Geographic Targeting:

How far from your centre should you advertise?

Question 8:


Device Targeting:

Does your target audience mostly search using desktop, tablet, digital TV, mobile or voice search?

Question 9:


Keyword Targeting:

What keywords/phrases do they use to search online for your services in their local area?

Question 10:


Gender Targeting of Advertising:

Should your marketing communications target mothers, fathers or both?

Question 11:


Content Targeting:

What type of online content (e.g. topics, articles, blogs, posts etc.) should you use to attract and engage your target audience?

Question 12:


Brand or Discovery Targeting:

Should you focus on direct (i.e. your brand) searches or on discovery (e.g. childcare) searches?

Question 13:


Advertising Measurement & Optimisation:

How should you measure, report and optimise your advertising – do you focus on appearances, traffic, engagement, enquiries or enrolments?

Question 14:


Advertising Benchmarking:

How should you benchmark your advertising against best practice? 

Question 15:



Does your target audience engage with you more on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Reviews?

Question 16:



How do you get more good reviews – how should you respond to a positive or negative review?

Question 17:



How do you get more referrals from current parents to new prospective parents?

Question 18:



What’s the most effective type and length of video for advertising?

Question 19:


Data Driven Marketing:

What is Data Driven Marketing – what data should you collect and how do you collect, report and use it to drive marketing decisions?

Question 20:


Customer Relationship Management:

What’s the most effective way to manage the contact records of enquiries right through to enrolments?

Question 21:


Reputation Management:

How do you monitor, manage, protect and secure your centre’s online reputation in the community? 

Question 22:


Email Marketing:

What’s the best system to manage email marketing automation and how often should you email prospective parents?

Question 23:



What’s the most effective way to communicate and promote upcoming centre events?

Question 24:



What’s the most effective way to communicate schedule, confirm, notify and follow up on tours?

Question 25:


Marketing Funnel:

How do you create and manage a Marketing Funnel so you have a constant stream of new enquiries and enrolments to increase occupancy levels?

A Recent Case Study


Niño Early Learning Adventures

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Client Testimonial

Recently one of our valued clients, Luke Agosta, owner of Niño Early Learning Adventures in Melbourne said:

"Niño ELA has grown from one centre five years ago, to currently 12 centres, and growing, in the Melbourne metro area.

Kevin and Lucy from Child Care Marketing have been a valuable marketing partner in the Niño ELA growth strategy over the past five years.

Child Care Marketing have worked closely with Niño ELA to develop and implement very effective targeted and integrated digital communications to the Niño target market of local parents.

This marketing communication has contributed to the strong premium brand building of the Niño ELA brand and the generation of a large number of enrolment enquiries, that have contributed to the growth in occupancy success for Niño ELA."

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