Integrated Online Marketing for your Early Learning Centre

25 Questions every Early Learning Centre Manager should ask their Marketing Manager or Agency:

After many years of experience in successful marketing for Early Learning Centres, using our Google and Facebook Partner training, a number of important questions typically always get asked by Early Learning Centre Educators and Managers.

If you are an Early Learning Service manager or educator – or if you are looking for a Child Care Business for sale, or starting a Child Care business – ask yourself these questions.

Question 1:


Online Presence

What online presence do you need – Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google my Business, Directories?

Question 2:


Review Sites

What review sites should you focus on and how should you manage reviews and responses?

Question 3:


Google Position:

What content and position on Google Search Results should you focus on – how do you beat your competitors?

Question 4:


Target Audience:

How do you identify and contact all the parents with preschoolers close to your centre?

Question 5:


Social Media Strategy:

How do you craft a smart social media strategy that is both effective and honours your brand?

Question 6:


Demographic Targeting:

What age, parental status, income levels and language groups should your advertising target?

Question 7:


Geographic Targeting:

How far from your centre should you advertise?

Question 8:


Device Targeting:

Does your target audience mostly search using desktop, tablet, digital TV, mobile or voice search?

Question 9:


Keyword Targeting:

What keywords/phrases do they use to search online for your services in their local area?

Question 10:


Gender Targeting of Advertising:

Should your marketing communications target mothers, fathers or both?

Question 11:


Content Targeting:

What type of online content (e.g. topics, articles, blogs, posts etc.) should you use to attract and engage your target audience?

Question 12:


Brand or Discovery Targeting:

Should you focus on direct (i.e. your brand) searches or on discovery (e.g. childcare) searches?

Question 13:


Advertising Measurement & Optimisation:

How should you measure, report and optimise your advertising – do you focus on appearances, traffic, engagement, enquiries or enrolments?

Question 14:


Advertising Benchmarking:

How should you benchmark your advertising against best practice? 

Question 15:



Does your target audience engage with you more on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Reviews?

Question 16:



How do you get more good reviews – how should you respond to a positive or negative review?

Question 17:



How do you get more referrals from current parents to new prospective parents?

Question 18:



What’s the most effective type and length of video for advertising?

Question 19:


Data Driven Marketing:

What is Data Driven Marketing – what data should you collect and how do you collect, report and use it to drive marketing decisions?

Question 20:


Customer Relationship Management:

What’s the most effective way to manage the contact records of enquiries right through to enrolments?

Question 21:


Reputation Management:

How do you monitor, manage, protect and secure your centre’s online reputation in the community? 

Question 22:


Email Marketing:

What’s the best system to manage email marketing automation and how often should you email prospective parents?

Question 23:



What’s the most effective way to communicate and promote upcoming centre events?

Question 24:



What’s the most effective way to communicate schedule, confirm, notify and follow up on tours?

Question 25:


Marketing Funnel:

How do you create and manage a Marketing Funnel so you have a constant stream of new enquiries and enrolments to increase occupancy levels?

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